ASCO Poster Presentation: ABT-888 (veliparib)+ Carboplatin in Stage IV BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer

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In a poster presentation this week at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference, researchers presented results from a nationwide study assessing a PARP inhibitor in BRCA-associated breast cancer. Dr. Tessa Cigler is the principal investigator of the study, “ABT-888 (veliparib) in combination with carboplatin in patients with stage IV BRCA-associated breast cancer,” at the Weill Cornell Breast Center.

Platinum and PARP inhibitors have demonstrated activity when used as single agent therapy in BRCA-associated breast cancer. However, there is limited data on using the two classes of medications together.

The study enrolled 22 women with BRCA-associated stage IV breast cancer to compare a combination of carboplatin (platinum-based chemotherapy) and ABT-888 (veliparib, a PARP inhibitor)  vs. single agent ABT-888, when ABT-88 is given every day.

The investigators found that the combination of caboplatin and ABT-888 is feasible, and, in preliminary analysis, the response and clinical benefit rates and duration are encouraging. The authors write that the results provide “justification to proceed with a planned phase II randomized single agent versus combination trial.”

Click here to read the published abstract.


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